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Fundraising Pitch -

Here are some top recommended slides that every investor wants to see in a fundraising pitch.

1.Title Slide with Elevator pitch  -  Your Brand name and your elevator pitch. The elevator pitch should explain your idea in 2 sentences or less.
2.Problem slide  - Explain your customer problems
3.Solution slide- Your solution for the problem which is yourStartupidea. Your solution should be scalable.
4.Market Validation- Your customer stories and some numbers you did. In early-stage focus more on these. Tell your customer stories and numbers. Be thorough with all the numbers. 
5.Market Size- How big this opportunity can be?  This should be in billions of dollars for it to be a venture capital feasible business model.
6.Product slide- How does your product work. How easy is it for a customer to solve his problem with your product. Screenshot of your workflow should do.
7.Business Model- How you would make revenue/profit?
8.Competition- Who is your competition - Don't shy away list them …