Fundraising Pitch -

Here are some top recommended slides that every investor wants to see in a fundraising pitch. 

1.       Title Slide with Elevator pitch  -  Your Brand name and your elevator pitch. The elevator pitch should explain your idea in 2 sentences or less. 

2.       Problem slide  - Explain your customer problems

3.       Solution slide - Your solution for the problem which is your Startup idea. Your solution should be scalable. 

4.       Market Validation - Your customer stories and some numbers you did. In early-stage focus more on these. Tell your customer stories and numbers. Be thorough with all the numbers. 

5.       Market Size - How big this opportunity can be?  This should be in billions of dollars for it to be a venture capital feasible business model. 

6.       Product slide - How does your product work. How easy is it for a customer to solve his problem with your product. Screenshot of your workflow should do. 

7.       Business Model - How you would make revenue/profit? 

8.       Competition - Who is your competition - Don't shy away list them all. The more you know about your competition the better. 

9.       Competitive Advantage - How do you do better than the competition, What do you know that they do not know? Intellectual property advantage, technical advantage, Economies of scale, network effects etc., 

10.   Go to Market Strategy - How do you intend to win the market. Is it by partnerships? How much does it cost to acquire your customer? What is the lifetime value of your customer?

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